Name Description Views
        Dvorak Typing Training Practice Dvorak Without Having to Switch Your Keyboard Layout 992
        Black Hat
                Exploit Exercises Practice Exploits on VMs 1553
                Low-Level Software Security By Example PDF 1479
                Smashing the Stack for Fun and Profit 1214
                Self-Hosted Password Management Using keypass as a central password server 1168
                The Linux Documentation Project 918
                Writing a LightDM Greeter 949
                A Collection of Programming Talks 1023
                Awesome Courses 1040
                Free Programming Books 1161
                Great Works in Programming Languages The Most Important Papers on Programming Languages! 834
                How to Write a Firefox Extension 982
                Influential Programming Books 951
                Kaggle Competitions Predictive Modeling Competitions 1582
                NAND to Tetris Building a computer from NAND gates to a Tetris game 880
                Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces A free Operating Systems course 1089
                Project Euler Practice Programming Exercises 878
                Recommended Developer Reading 1151
                Sqooled Interactive SQL Lessons 817
                The Architecture of Open Source Applications 669
                        Linux Assembly Tutorial 765
                        Raspberry Pi OS Development 706
                        x86 Assembly WikiBook 709
                        A Tutorial on Pointers and Arrays 775
                        Linux Kernel Coding Style 925
                        Robust Programming Bomb-proof Coding 840
                        The C Book 840
                        The comp.lang.C FAQ 661
                        The POSIX Standard 693
                        The Implementation of Functional Programming Languages Free Book by Simon Peyton Jones 721
                        Awesome Elm A curated list of useful Elm tutorials, libraries and software. 595
                        Elm Tutorial A tutorial on developing single page web applications with Elm. 585
                        Testing in Elm 648
                        The Book of Shaders Learn GLSL Pixel Shaders 312
                        An Introduction to Recursion Schemes 325
                        Documenting Haskell Code 1016
                        Embedded DSLs Haskell Wiki 720
                        Functional Design and Architecture Book on Architecting Large Functional Systems 348
                        Functional Systems in Haskell A more advanced Haskell course 674
                        Generating Hackage Documentation 686
                        Git Vogue Style-checking pre-commit git hooks for Haskell projects 867
                        Haskell School of Music Learn Haskell, music theory and synthesis 858
                        Haskell Talks 860
                        Haskell Tutorials 931
                        How to Learn Haskell 952
                        How to Learn Haskell (stackoverflow) 881
                        How to Write a Haskell Program Best Practices 899
                        Implmenting a JIT Compiled Language A compiler tutorial using Haskell + LLVM 854
                        Learn Haskell Fast and Hard A short and dense Haskell tutorial. 1063
                        Learn Haskell in 10 Minutes A quick Haskell tutorial 1027
                        Learn You a Haskell Great into to Haskell book 1002
                        NICTA Functional Programming Course 1071
                        Programming in Haskell A Haskell book with slides, videos and code. 921
                        Real World Haskell Learn Haskell from real world examples. 948
                        School of Haskell Haskell Tutorials and Projects 910
                        Servant Build REST APIs Using Type Combinators & Abstract Routes 542
                        Servant Subscriber Websocket Updates on Servant Resources 515
                        Stanford Functional Systems Course 787
                        Structure of a Haskell Project 803
                        The Happstack Book Modern, Type-Safe Web Development 742
                        UPenn Intro to Haskell Good Introductory Couse in Haskell 791
                        Using Persistent with Servant Using the Persistent Database ORM with Servant, a REST API server 670
                        UVA Intro to Haskell 916
                        What I Wish I Knew When Learning Haskell 7376
                        Write You a Haskell Building a Modern Functional Compiler from First Principles 746
                        Write Yourself a Scheme Learn Haskell by writing a Scheme interpreter 933
                        X Window Programming in Haskell 772
                        AngularJS Learning Resources 956
                        A Re-Introduction to JavaScript 1246
                        Awesome React A collection of awesome things regarding the React ecosystem. 726
                        Best Resources to Learn Javascript StackOverflow Answer 1063
                        Eloquent Javascript 673
                        Ember Conf 2015 Videos 883
                        Ember.js Reading Group Notes & Curriculum for Foraker's Ember Reading Group 812
                        Essential Javascript Design Patterns 739
                        Full-Stack Redux & React Tutorial A Comprehensive Guide to Test-First Development with Redux, React, and Immutable 594
                        How to Learn JavaScript Properly 1159
                        JavaScript: The Right Way Learn Best Practices 1251
                        Learn Webpack 583
                        TestFirst: Learn Javascript 760
                        Webpack Advanced Techniques 606
                        Webpack Tutorials 553
                        Learning Lua Fast Stack Overflow 775
                        Learn Lua the Hard Way 828
                        Lua Style Guide 961
                        Programming in Lua Online E-Book 907
                        Programming in Lua Course Slides 809
                        Nix by Example 811
                        A Byte of Python Book for New Programmers 687
                        Beginning Test-Driven Development Core TDD Principles 842
                        Building Skills in Object-Oriented Design Design & Build Non-Trivial OO Programs with Python 688
                        Dive Into Python Python book for experienced programmers 864
                        Dive Into Python 3 671
                        Django 1.5 Cheat Sheet(PDF) 1094
                        Django Rest Framework + AngularJS Tutorial 821
                        How To Think Like a Computer Scientist - Interactive An Interactive Textbook 770
                        Invent Computer Games with Python Good Book for Beginners 672
                        Python 102: Intro to TDD Quick introduction to unit testing 945
                        Test-Driven Development With Python Free book on TDD 794
                        Test-Driven Django Tutorial 819
                        The Flask Mega-Tutorial Introductory Tutorial for the Flask Web Framework 1257
                        Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist Book for New Programmers 801
                        Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist with Python 3 An older rewrite that uses Python 3 throughout 931
                        Common Ruby Idioms Stack Overflow 921
                        Ruby Koans The enlightened path 915
                        Ruby on Rails Tutorial Michael Hartl 820
                        Ruby Warrior Learn Ruby by creating an AI 971
                        UoT Ruby on Rails Course 846
                        Web Programming with Ruby on Rails University of Reddit Course 845
                        Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby 882
                        The Embedded Rust Book Introduction to Using Rust on Microcontrollers 91
                Standard ML
                        A Gentle Introduction to ML 1995 648
                        ML for the Working Programmer Old, but the Best Physical Book Around (Amazon) 831
                        Programming in Standard ML Most Recent Learning Resource - 2011 728
                        Programming in Standard ML '97: An On-line Tutorial Updated 2004 616
                        Standard ML of New Jersey Open-Source Standard ML Compiler 610
                        Ansible Tutorial 1101
        Draw a Box Thorough Course for Learning How to Draw 530
                Glued Computation Notebook 843
                Scientific Labratory Notebook Hardcover with a Table of Contents 913
                Spiral Bound Computation Notebook 825
        Linear Algebra
                A First Course in Linear Algebra Free online and PDF book 841
                An Intuitive Guide to Linear Algebra Quick introduction 1124
                Khan Academy: Linear Algebra Videos on Linear Algebra 911
                Linear Algebra Self-Study Resources Reddit Thread 1206
                 MIT Linear Algebra Course 747
                Where to Start Learning StackExchange Answer 1265