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                        An Introduction to Recursion Schemes 173
                        Documenting Haskell Code 815
                        Embedded DSLs Haskell Wiki 618
                        Functional Design and Architecture Book on Architecting Large Functional Systems 201
                        Functional Systems in Haskell A more advanced Haskell course 560
                        Generating Hackage Documentation 596
                        Git Vogue Style-checking pre-commit git hooks for Haskell projects 733
                        Haskell School of Music Learn Haskell, music theory and synthesis 754
                        Haskell Talks 704
                        Haskell Tutorials 844
                        How to Learn Haskell 776
                        How to Learn Haskell (stackoverflow) 774
                        How to Write a Haskell Program Best Practices 804
                        Implmenting a JIT Compiled Language A compiler tutorial using Haskell + LLVM 728
                        Learn Haskell Fast and Hard A short and dense Haskell tutorial. 838
                        Learn Haskell in 10 Minutes A quick Haskell tutorial 911
                        Learn You a Haskell Great into to Haskell book 887
                        NICTA Functional Programming Course 938
                        Programming in Haskell A Haskell book with slides, videos and code. 781
                        Real World Haskell Learn Haskell from real world examples. 852
                        School of Haskell Haskell Tutorials and Projects 802
                        Servant Build REST APIs Using Type Combinators & Abstract Routes 441
                        Servant Subscriber Websocket Updates on Servant Resources 383
                        Stanford Functional Systems Course 690
                        Structure of a Haskell Project 704
                        The Happstack Book Modern, Type-Safe Web Development 624
                        UPenn Intro to Haskell Good Introductory Couse in Haskell 684
                        Using Persistent with Servant Using the Persistent Database ORM with Servant, a REST API server 508
                        UVA Intro to Haskell 779
                        What I Wish I Knew When Learning Haskell 5272
                        Write You a Haskell Building a Modern Functional Compiler from First Principles 634
                        Write Yourself a Scheme Learn Haskell by writing a Scheme interpreter 802
                        X Window Programming in Haskell 667