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                        A Byte of Python Book for New Programmers 593
                        Beginning Test-Driven Development Core TDD Principles 749
                        Building Skills in Object-Oriented Design Design & Build Non-Trivial OO Programs with Python 544
                        Dive Into Python Python book for experienced programmers 766
                        Dive Into Python 3 550
                        Django 1.5 Cheat Sheet(PDF) 955
                        Django Rest Framework + AngularJS Tutorial 697
                        How To Think Like a Computer Scientist - Interactive An Interactive Textbook 630
                        Invent Computer Games with Python Good Book for Beginners 578
                        Python 102: Intro to TDD Quick introduction to unit testing 740
                        Test-Driven Development With Python Free book on TDD 708
                        Test-Driven Django Tutorial 703
                        The Flask Mega-Tutorial Introductory Tutorial for the Flask Web Framework 935
                        Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist Book for New Programmers 651
                        Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist with Python 3 An older rewrite that uses Python 3 throughout 717