Name Description Views
Free Programming Books 1033
Learn You a Haskell Great into to Haskell book 866
Real World Haskell Learn Haskell from real world examples. 835
Recommended Developer Reading 833
Influential Programming Books 791
Write Yourself a Scheme Learn Haskell by writing a Scheme interpreter 785
Programming in Haskell A Haskell book with slides, videos and code. 764
Programming in Lua Online E-Book 750
Haskell School of Music Learn Haskell, music theory and synthesis 738
Dive Into Python Python book for experienced programmers 731
Ruby on Rails Tutorial Michael Hartl 694
A First Course in Linear Algebra Free online and PDF book 686
Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby 685
Test-Driven Development With Python Free book on TDD 676
Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist with Python 3 An older rewrite that uses Python 3 throughout 667
A Tutorial on Pointers and Arrays 647
Learn Lua the Hard Way 642
The C Book 623
ML for the Working Programmer Old, but the Best Physical Book Around (Amazon) 620
Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist Book for New Programmers 610
Programming in Standard ML Most Recent Learning Resource - 2011 610
The Happstack Book Modern, Type-Safe Web Development 603
How To Think Like a Computer Scientist - Interactive An Interactive Textbook 595
x86 Assembly WikiBook 581
A Byte of Python Book for New Programmers 559
Invent Computer Games with Python Good Book for Beginners 552
The Architecture of Open Source Applications 543
The Implementation of Functional Programming Languages Free Book by Simon Peyton Jones 534
Dive Into Python 3 514
Building Skills in Object-Oriented Design Design & Build Non-Trivial OO Programs with Python 504
Programming in Standard ML '97: An On-line Tutorial Updated 2004 495
Learn Webpack 409
Functional Design and Architecture Book on Architecting Large Functional Systems 180
The Book of Shaders Learn GLSL Pixel Shaders 157